Creative Collab. - Nicole Andrea MUA by Victoria Lemos

This blog post is being published way overdue, but I need to get it up before the month ends! A few weeks ago I worked with my cousin and sister to create these fun portraits using a backdrop and natural light in my driveway. My sister loves doing makeup and recently went freelance, so she is now booking appointments for makeup sessions. We thought it'd be great for us to work together, so we had our cousin over, Nicole did her makeup, and then we took photos!

For the styling, we wanted something chic yet simple. I used a white backdrop and played with my edits in Lightroom to create a more vintage look. I absolutely love how all of the photos turned out!

Check out Nicole here for more of her work! 


College Grad Portraits at UW Seattle by Victoria Lemos

Last week I had my second college graduate portrait session, and I'm so excited about how it all turned out! Elizabeth reached out to me about shooting at the Seattle campus, and fortunately, we were both available for a Friday during the week of blooming cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossoms at UW Seattle are a must-see during their annual bloom; students, tourists, and Seattleites all show up at the Quad to view and take photos of them. They're absolutely beautiful, and we both thought it'd be great to take a few shots with them. When we met up, we realized how jam packed the Quad was just for the blossoms, so it was a bit tricky shooting portraits in the midst of the crowds, but we did our best. The rest of the shoot made up for it!

Elizabeth even brought along a close friend, which made the experience that much more fun for the three of us. She helped out with the props they both made for the shoot and was there for overall moral support (which is always nice). Campus was so packed that we even had a few encounters with cute dogs - one being a Husky! 

Congrats to Elizabeth on completing your undergraduate degree at UW Seattle!

Creative Collab. - Margo (@margodoesmakeup) & Dominique by Victoria Lemos

I finally got around to finishing up the images from my creative shoot with Margo and Dominique. This shoot was extremely fun. I had come across Margo and her makeup artistry on Instagram a few months back and had always kept her in mind for future creative work. Her younger cousin Dominique I had found on Instagram as well and she had done a few modeling gigs so I wanted us three to work together on something amazing. 

Once we had the time to schedule a shoot I collected inspiration on Pinterest (my go-to for all inspiration and photography tips), shared the images with both of them, and basically asked Margo to have fun with the makeup look! I trust her because she is so dang good! 

The day of our shoot it was raining but luckily our ideas called for a white backdrop using natural light so we were able to set up in an open garage while shielding ourselves from the rain. Before the shoot, I stopped by Albertsons and picked up a few fun props: Kit Kat, fun colored lollipops, bubble gum, and a vintage looking bottle of lemonade. 

Here are my favorite images from our shoot. I look forward to working with Margo again and I recommend her to anyone looking for professional makeup when it comes to any events or photo shoot needs!

City Streets w/ KiOriandra by Victoria Lemos

A few weeks backs I shot with this cool chick in Pioneer Square. We had briefly met on Instagram and I loved her look so we decided to shoot in Seattle and create some fun images. She was definitely easy to work with and I was so happy to hear how awesome I made her feel in front of the camera!

She emphasized how comfortable she felt and that made me reflect on a tip I've always held with high value: as the photographer, you want to make sure you are vocally expressing positive feedback and direction to your model because this makes an impact on his/her performance. I've had extensive practice utilizing this tip and it never fails to be true! If the model isn't receiving consistent positive affirmation, she isn't going to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and if she isn't comfortable in front of the camera, she isn't going to model great, which will result in tacky, amateur, bad photos. So this tip has definitely been one of the many that I always keep at the forefront of my photographic mind whenever I'm shooting portraits. It has worked wonders!

Prior to shooting we actually had the chance to sit down and eat together at Sprout (one of my favorite lunch spots in Seattle) and we discussed our interests and busy lives while eating deliciously made salad bowls. KiOriandra is a fellow creative and is in the process of beginning a YouTube channel and blog related to lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram @kioriandra and look out for what is to come! 

Here are a few of my favorite images we captured. I played around with the editing and had so much fun with the colors. Her hair is even more gorgeous in person! 

Creative Collab. - Jhasmine (@sincerelyjhas) by Victoria Lemos

Once again shooting in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I can't help it! This will probably always be my favorite part of the city because of the old-time feel, the red brick buildings, and the wide sidewalks. Because I've shot here so much I've really been able to practically memorize where all the perfect frames are, which is super useful for me, convenient, and efficient! I love being able to know the area I'm shooting at and although this will always be my favorite part of the city, I hope to shoot in other parts more often as well because Seattle has so much to offer! 

Jhasmine is a fellow UW student who also produces fashion related content on YouTube at Jhasmine Cadiente. She expressed her love for my portraits (I will never get used to the positive feedback I receive on my work; so thankful) and wanted to work with me to capture candid, fashion portraits in the city. I also filmed some footage for a Lookbook video for her that you can check out down below!

Sidenote: All of this content (images + video) was shot using my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens! I've had so much fun using it to take portraits and it has quickly become my favorite lens to take video with as well. Recently I've been looking into the Canon 50 1.2 vs. Sigma 50 1.4 ART... any thoughts/opinions? 

Picture Lake by Victoria Lemos

First blogged outing of the summer! Besides my trip to Mexico I haven't really adventured much other than city drives to Seattle but recently Tyler, Nicole, and I took a trip to Picture Lake, which is known for it's picturesque breathtaking view of Mt. Baker. It's located a bit passed Bellingham, so about a 2 hour drive. The best part about this specific destination is that there is no hike required. We literally drove up until we parked alongside the lake and walked a few feet to the boardwalk. 

Because I knew we'd be in for such an amazing view Tyler and I had Nicole dress up for is in order to model for a few portraits. I had brought a pair of retro looking sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and my film camera, which added the perfect touch. Tyler even took a few portraits of myself (I was liking my outfit that day and realized how 70's I looked especially with my film camera around my neck)! 

Ansel Adams inspired? 

Credits to @tylerburch for the posing and prop suggestion! I'm in love with this shot. Looks more editorial to me than anything else. The tones and colors flow so beautifully. 

My turrrrnnn... 

A bit blurry but I really don't mind. Thanks @tylerburch! 

Shorts: AE // Top: UO (LOVE) // Sunglasses: UO // Watch: Casio