Pioneer Square Fashion Blog Portraits by Victoria Lemos

This shoot consisted of two different outfit looks starting in Pioneer Square and then Green Lake Park. Crystal runs a blog by the name of The Crystal Avenue. She was taking a solo adventure trip to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend and contacted me a few days prior to see if I happened to have open availability for that weekend. I was so happy I did! We booked the session ASAP and met up on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 

This was her first time here in Seattle so it was really great getting to talk with her about what she had plans to do and see while she was here. She's actually from San Jose, California, which was cool to know because I have family who lives up there that I visit every two years or so. In fact, I'll be taking a roadtrip with family down there in the next two weeks! Hopefully I'll be capturing some pretty landscape scenery during my stay. 

Suprisingly Pioneer Square wasn't too crowded but once we got to Green Lake, everyone was out cooling down in the water and taking walks through the park. It was a bit tricky practicing patience, trying not to get any people in the background of our shots, but I'm really excited about how they turned out and I'm so happy Crystal and I were able to work together! Check out her blog here

Seattle Bridal Portraits by Victoria Lemos

WOW. Where do I begin? 

I guess I should start by mentioning that the Volunteer Park Conservatory is one of my favorite locations in Seattle. It's the most beautiful greenhouse filled with flourishing greenery and white interior. I've shot there a few times before but always dreamed of shooting bridal/wedding portraits there one day. A few weeks ago I was able to do just that. Amy and I went to high school together, and we've been following each other on Instagram ever since. It was pretty cool when she reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I'd take her bridal photos. Of course, I was ecstatic and jumped on the idea! This was my first formal bridal session (I've shot one gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony before) so I was really excited and immediately started to curate inspiration for poses and detail shots.

We met at the greenhouse first for formal bridal photos and then decided to take a walk through Pioneer Square for more casual shots. We had such a great time, and it was such a privilege for me to witness their love and capture this beautiful time in their life. 

Congrats Amy & Shinny! Wishing you a marriage filled with more laughter, smiles, and precious moments. 

Senior Session: Bethany by Victoria Lemos

December isn't the easiest month to shoot senior portraits in because of the harsh weather here in Seattle, Washington, but Bethany and I finally had the opportunity with a partly sunny day a few days before Christmas and I am so happy with the results! It was definitely worth the wait. 

Bethany is from Oregon and wanted a city vibe in Seattle type of shoot so we met up at Pike Place Market and took a stroll up and down the nearby streets, stopping every minute or so when we found something portrait worthy. The market was surprisingly packed midweek, but then again, we were only a few days from Christmas and it was during the holiday season. 

I'm so thankful to Bethany and her mom for reaching out to me (she found me on Instagram!) and for driving here from Oregon during the busiest time of the year! They were both so sweet to work with and made our shoot quite enjoyable.  

Green Lake in the Fall by Victoria Lemos

These photos were taken during the first week of October. It took me awhile to post process because of how busy school started to become, but I finally finalized the images and thought I'd share. 

Green Lake Park in Seattle is such a beautiful location. I've only been a few times, which is surprising because I've lived in the Seattle area for 95% of my life. It's definitely a great spot to hang out for a few hours and get away from the chaos of the city. The park itself is huge, filled with beautiful park bench lake views, tall whimsical trees, and people of all ages rollerblading, biking, and walking along the trails. 

This fall I didn't have as much time to explore beautiful transforming Washington nature as I wanted to (capturing fall colors is something I look forward to every year when it comes to photography) but I was able to stop by the park and these are a few of my favorite captures. The post processing is a bit different in terms of style but I like the Polaroid feel. It was also a day dedicated to testing out my new wide angle lens: the Canon 16-35mm. 2.8. This lens has been a top priority of mine for a good year now and I'm so happy to finally have it be a part of my growing collection. It's definitely a lens I plan on taking with me on adventures for breathtaking landscape views. 

These next set of photos were processed with more natural tones and realistic colors of green and blue. 

Picture Lake by Victoria Lemos

First blogged outing of the summer! Besides my trip to Mexico I haven't really adventured much other than city drives to Seattle but recently Tyler, Nicole, and I took a trip to Picture Lake, which is known for it's picturesque breathtaking view of Mt. Baker. It's located a bit passed Bellingham, so about a 2 hour drive. The best part about this specific destination is that there is no hike required. We literally drove up until we parked alongside the lake and walked a few feet to the boardwalk. 

Because I knew we'd be in for such an amazing view Tyler and I had Nicole dress up for is in order to model for a few portraits. I had brought a pair of retro looking sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and my film camera, which added the perfect touch. Tyler even took a few portraits of myself (I was liking my outfit that day and realized how 70's I looked especially with my film camera around my neck)! 

Ansel Adams inspired? 

Credits to @tylerburch for the posing and prop suggestion! I'm in love with this shot. Looks more editorial to me than anything else. The tones and colors flow so beautifully. 

My turrrrnnn... 

A bit blurry but I really don't mind. Thanks @tylerburch! 

Shorts: AE // Top: UO (LOVE) // Sunglasses: UO // Watch: Casio