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PNW Trail Couple Portraits by Victoria Lemos

I'm so excited to share images from this couple session I shot last week. My little cousin Raul lives in Pasco, WA, about four hours away. He decided to drive down to Seattle with his girlfriend Genesis for his birthday one weekend and wanted to meet up with my sister and I. We don't get to see eachother often, so it was nice to catch up. I brought my camera along to take a few photos of them nearby because couple sessions are my favorite, I just haven't booked as many as I'd like! After eating breakfast in Bothell, we drove two minutes away to a playground park, walked down a hidden trail and found the most beautiful willow tree and greenery. The photos turned out even better than I expected! 

If you or anyone you know are looking for fun, adventurous, romantic couple photos, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss potential locations & ideas! Capturing love is beautiful, priceless, and so very worth it.


Seattle Bridal Portraits by Victoria Lemos

WOW. Where do I begin? 

I guess I should start by mentioning that the Volunteer Park Conservatory is one of my favorite locations in Seattle. It's the most beautiful greenhouse filled with flourishing greenery and white interior. I've shot there a few times before but always dreamed of shooting bridal/wedding portraits there one day. A few weeks ago I was able to do just that. Amy and I went to high school together, and we've been following each other on Instagram ever since. It was pretty cool when she reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I'd take her bridal photos. Of course, I was ecstatic and jumped on the idea! This was my first formal bridal session (I've shot one gorgeous, intimate wedding ceremony before) so I was really excited and immediately started to curate inspiration for poses and detail shots.

We met at the greenhouse first for formal bridal photos and then decided to take a walk through Pioneer Square for more casual shots. We had such a great time, and it was such a privilege for me to witness their love and capture this beautiful time in their life. 

Congrats Amy & Shinny! Wishing you a marriage filled with more laughter, smiles, and precious moments. 

Creative Collab. - Anna Nguyen (@annanguyenslife) by Victoria Lemos

Another video collaboration with Anna and this time she decided to film a New Year's lookbook video! It was my second time trying my hand at videography and this time I felt more comfortable, especially since I was shooting the same person during my first try. Anna is always such a sweet person to work with and the outfits she wore for this video were GORGEOUS. She even had her boyfriend join so she could have him in the video. I, of course, took the opportunity to take some quick shots of them together because they just looked so good. Here are a few of my favorite shots and the video that Anna edited and put together! 

By the way, we shot in 30-degree weather... I have absolutely no clue how Anna managed to work in such temperature but she did and with such a positive attitude! 

Couple Session: Ariana & Alec by Victoria Lemos

A few weeks back I had the best time photographing portraits of my longtime best friend Ariana and her boyfriend Alec. Alec had contacted me asking if we could set something up because he had wanted to do something special for Ariana (they've been dating for more than 2 years!). Of course I jumped on this cute idea and we started brainstorming locations and styling right away. This was also my first official couple shoot so I was very excited going into all of this. 

Our first location was a beautiful lush greenhouse located in Seattle. It was probably close to 80 degrees in there but we worked through it! This photo is one of my favorites because it focuses in on the outfits and details. We decided on neutral tones to avoid clashing with the pop of green and colors from the flowers. 

Another room in the greenhouse showcased vibrant colors, which looked beautiful as the backdrop for this photo. 

Another room in the greenhouse showcased vibrant colors, which looked beautiful as the backdrop for this photo. 

Our second location was Bellevue Botanical Gardens. So much lush green here as well! I thought this pose was the cutest ever... Ariana had seen it online so she brought a hat just to recreate it. We also thought a pretty light pink dress and dark denim would look perfect for these bright and sunny portraits. 

Another shot showcasing the details of their outfits. 

Cute kisses. The day we scheduled the shoot couldn't have been any better in terms of weather and sun exposure. 

Out final location was a local baseball field. Alec played all throughout high school and has since been drafted so they both wanted to capture their interest and involvement with the sport. 

I'm so happy I was able to capture these beautiful moments of my best friend who I have known since 6TH GRADE! The photos turned out amazing and I'm looking forward to shooting even more couples. The interaction and chemistry is just so lovely.