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Kirkland Fashion Blog Portraits by Victoria Lemos

Spring is in full swing, and I am so excited to shoot more often. This winter was pretty harsh, plus I've been busy with law school applications and preparation. My first session back was with Anna, a past client turned friend. We decided to meet up in Kirkland on a sunny afternoon and shoot two different looks that she styled herself. I was so happy with what she put together, and I could tell effort was put into styling the outfits! The colors flowed so beautifully with the settings we worked with and the resulting images are amazing. They make me so excited for warmer weather and sun! She also brought along her two friends who were great to work with as well. We all had fun walking through Kirkland and finding pretty areas to shoot in. 

Here are a few of my favorite images of Anna. Find more under +Creative Portfolio > Portrait!


Kirkland Fashion Blog Portraits by Victoria Lemos

I'm trying to branch out more into the blogger world when it comes to my photography services so I took to Instagram (as always!) and searched, searched, searched, until I came across this cool girl who I thought would be perfect to collaborate with. I loved her trendy style & she seemed like such a nice person. After a few messages back & forth, Nancy & I decided to meet up in Kirkland & take pictures! These we had planned to be a mixture of blogger/fashion portraits & more creative portraits as well. 

I had such a fun time. We got some amazing images & I've been practicing more with back button focus, which has been a complete game changer for me! The focus on all of these images is tack sharp (a lot I had to trash because I'm still getting the hang of lower aperture - I usually shoot at 2.8 or 2.5 but for these, I went all the way down to 1.6 on my Sigma 50 Art!). 

All in all, we had an amazing time. The images are by far some of my favorites ever, the outfits she styled were perfect, & it was great meeting & befriending another fellow local creative. Take a sneak peek at some of my favorite images from the shoot here & make sure to check Nancy out over at her blog


Creative Collab. - Jhasmine (@sincerelyjhas) by Victoria Lemos

Once again shooting in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I can't help it! This will probably always be my favorite part of the city because of the old-time feel, the red brick buildings, and the wide sidewalks. Because I've shot here so much I've really been able to practically memorize where all the perfect frames are, which is super useful for me, convenient, and efficient! I love being able to know the area I'm shooting at and although this will always be my favorite part of the city, I hope to shoot in other parts more often as well because Seattle has so much to offer! 

Jhasmine is a fellow UW student who also produces fashion related content on YouTube at Jhasmine Cadiente. She expressed her love for my portraits (I will never get used to the positive feedback I receive on my work; so thankful) and wanted to work with me to capture candid, fashion portraits in the city. I also filmed some footage for a Lookbook video for her that you can check out down below!

Sidenote: All of this content (images + video) was shot using my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens! I've had so much fun using it to take portraits and it has quickly become my favorite lens to take video with as well. Recently I've been looking into the Canon 50 1.2 vs. Sigma 50 1.4 ART... any thoughts/opinions? 

Creative Collab. - Anna Nguyen (@annanguyenslife) by Victoria Lemos

Another video collaboration with Anna and this time she decided to film a New Year's lookbook video! It was my second time trying my hand at videography and this time I felt more comfortable, especially since I was shooting the same person during my first try. Anna is always such a sweet person to work with and the outfits she wore for this video were GORGEOUS. She even had her boyfriend join so she could have him in the video. I, of course, took the opportunity to take some quick shots of them together because they just looked so good. Here are a few of my favorite shots and the video that Anna edited and put together! 

By the way, we shot in 30-degree weather... I have absolutely no clue how Anna managed to work in such temperature but she did and with such a positive attitude! 

Creative Collab. - Anna Nguyen (@annanguyenslife) by Victoria Lemos

Another collaboration with a fellow creative that I met on Instagram awhile back and this time I was able to practice my skills at videography! 

Anna and I have shot before for creative purposes and I loved working with her. This time around she contacted me asking if I could help her out on a fashion lookbook video for her YouTube channel. The trade off included creative shots that I could style and the results were everything that I could've asked for and more. She really made my vision come to life with the set of photos I had a particular look in mind for. I loved shooting her lookbook as we hit a few cool spots in Seattle, even one that I had never been to before (parking garage rooftop on 3rd & Stewart). 

Anna herself is an amazing individual. I appreciated our time together not only for the creative purposes but for our talks and reflection on what it means to both of us who have undying passions for artistic mediums. We discussed the joy we both feel when creating but at the same time, the uncertainty that creatives often feel when it comes to future success and accomplishments. Along with this, the importance of not distracting yourself with those around you who try to be just as creative, and unique as well, is something that should always be remembered. Sometimes it can be hard, especially for those trying to create something that has personal meaning and creativity, to not compare with the work and success of others. But in doing this, you lose sight of why you do what you do. It should never be for other people anyway, you should be creating for self-enjoyment and skill. The admiration and positive feedback you receive from others is just a pleasant add-on. 

This is especially hard to keep in mind during a time when most young people are submerged in social media: sharing art with others and measuring personal success on the amount of "likes" and comments we receive. It's not about that in the end. It's really about keeping your passion alive and focusing on self-improvement. Everyone is different and unique. That means that whatever we create has our own individual touch that can never be duplicated no matter how hard someone tries. 

All in all, it was a very splendid time and I appreciated bonding with Anna over something we both have a passion for.

Now onto what we created! The images below are from the set I styled. Check out more under +Portfolio > Portrait to view shots that I took of Anna during our other shooting locations for the lookbook video. Also, check out Anna herself @annanguyenslife on Instagram and scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to view our final video creation on her YouTube channel!