UW Seattle College Grad Portraits by Victoria Lemos

WOW. I am so pleased with this session. If you don't already know, nature is my absolute favorite setting to shoot portraits in. I fall in love with greens and the bright florals of spring and summer here in Washington. The beautiful colors add the perfect touch of character in portraits of all kinds. 

UW Seattle campus is a favorite location of mine, so when Jennifer's mom reached out to me about taking Jennifer's college grad portraits there, I was so excited! The shoot went so well. Jennifer had the cutest outfit, and her red lip color was everything. I was having so much fun taking photos of her that I lost track of time and we ended up shooting longer than what we had scheduled! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots. Make sure to book your college grad portraits ASAP!

Congrats, Jennifer! 


UW Campus Portraits w/ Ava by Victoria Lemos

The past few weeks have been pretty busy & stressful (LSAT studying is no joke) but I really want to get a few blog posts up before this month ends soon. I had quite a few sessions & I want to share my favorite images from each! 

A few weeks ago I was thinking about finally shooting creatively again since it's been a few months. Usually, I'll just look for potential models on Instagram & reach out. I was in the process of thinking about styling ideas when I received a DM from Ava who asked if I'd be interested to shoot! I immediately knew I loved her look so after discussing styling ideas we agreed to meet at UW Seattle campus & take some portraits. At this same time, I had found a Brandy Melville account specifically made for the new Washington location. I had contacted the account manager and she linked me a few potential models I could work with for the brand. Once Ava and I met up, I realized she was wearing Brandy Melville (coincidentally) so I knew right away I wanted to send a few images to the account. Here are a few of my favorites! We ended up being featured & that to me, is pretty cool. Brandy Melville is known for only advertising using white models so I'm happy we were able to bring beautiful diversity into the mix. 


UW Seattle Grad Portraits by Victoria Lemos

Okay, so middle schoolers these days are way cooler than I remember. Alissandro captured this transitional milestone from middle school to high school and at no better location than the UW Seattle campus. Can't wait to see him studying here someday in the future!

I always love shooting at the UW Seattle campus because it's so huge, spacious, and the architecture is gorgeous. Every time I shoot here I find new little areas to shoot my subject in front of. I spotted a nice wooden bench on my walk to find Alissandro and made note of it so that we could take some portraits there. This was my first time working with a middle school graduate and I'm so happy with the results! The greens and browns go so nicely with his gray suit and leather brown shoes. Alissandro was so easy to work with and really knew his angles.

Congrats Alissandro!

Coffee Shop College Grad Portraits by Victoria Lemos

My third college grad portrait session; I'm honestly loving these all so much! Believe it or not, there is definitely a difference between shooting high school portraits and shooting college grad portraits. The excitement and feeling of accomplishment is there for both but unlike the poised and more uniform shots I aim for during high school senior shoots, college grads seem to desire a greater level of creativity for their shoots... maybe because they are finally done with school, and so they go into their shoot with a more carefree attitude! 

For this session, I shot with a UW graduate named Chengsu who knew she wanted portraits taken in a coffee shop somewhere in Seattle. Seattle coffee shops are my favorite to look for and discover. The interiors are always so unique, ranging from hipster to modern, and they're just cool spaces to be in to meet up with friends or catch up on homework/editing. We originially meant to meet up at Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square but didn't realize it closed at 5 pm (it was a Sunday, duh!). We then decided on Slate Coffee Roasters in U-District, and it was perfect! I've been there once before and shot portraits for Gold Magazine so I knew of the perfect spots for best lighting. Plus, it wasn't even too packed that day! 

I'm excited to share these simple yet cute and unique portraits and I look forward to shooting with more creative college grads & high school seniors! Congrats Chengsu!

College Grad Portraits at UW Seattle by Victoria Lemos

Last week I had my second college graduate portrait session, and I'm so excited about how it all turned out! Elizabeth reached out to me about shooting at the Seattle campus, and fortunately, we were both available for a Friday during the week of blooming cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossoms at UW Seattle are a must-see during their annual bloom; students, tourists, and Seattleites all show up at the Quad to view and take photos of them. They're absolutely beautiful, and we both thought it'd be great to take a few shots with them. When we met up, we realized how jam packed the Quad was just for the blossoms, so it was a bit tricky shooting portraits in the midst of the crowds, but we did our best. The rest of the shoot made up for it!

Elizabeth even brought along a close friend, which made the experience that much more fun for the three of us. She helped out with the props they both made for the shoot and was there for overall moral support (which is always nice). Campus was so packed that we even had a few encounters with cute dogs - one being a Husky! 

Congrats to Elizabeth on completing your undergraduate degree at UW Seattle!

College Grad Portraits in Pioneer Square by Victoria Lemos

The rain has been nonstop here in Seattle, even more than usual for this time of year, but a few days ago the sun decided to come out from hiding just in time for my scheduled portrait session with Rhea, a soon-to-be college graduate from UW! She had found me on Instagram not too long ago and reached out about possible portraits taken in Pioneer Square that she could use for grad announcements and invitations. This was my first time shooting a college grad (besides family), and it went fantastic! Pioneer Square is always a favorite for me, and we were blessed with beautiful overcast sunlight so the shoot could not have gone any better. 

The weather might finally be looking up here in the next few weeks, which means business will be running at full speed, booking family shoots, fashion bloggers/content creators, high school seniors, and hopefully more college grads. I am so excited for what's to come this year, and I look forward to working with my amazing clients! 

Professional Portraits: Joyce by Victoria Lemos

One of my favorite locations to shoot at (but least visited) would have to be UW Seattle campus. I attend the Bothell branch campus mainly for the size and commute but I can't deny the fact that the main campus is absolutely gorgeous! Every time I walk through, I'm fascinated by the timeless architecture and the vastness of all the lecture halls and libraries. It's definitely an underrated shooting location for sure. 

Usually, spring/summer time is the best time to shoot in locations such as this one but I was still excited when Joyce contacted me about taking some professional photos of her for her website. She's a professional flutist who lives in San Francisco and she graduated from UW a few years back, so this location was already familiar to her. 

Here are a few of the shots we created. Joyce did so well in that 37-degree winter weather! I have no clue how she was able to keep herself from running indoors. Thanks to her we got some good shots so I guess the cold was worth it!