Creative Collab. - Diana (@dianafedorov), Snohomish WA by Victoria Lemos

One reason I love photography and social media so much is because it has led me to meet people I would never have met. Diana and I had been Instagram friends for awhile and had talked multiple times about getting together for a group shoot. We tried making it happen more than once, but it never worked out until a few weeks back when we finally were able to meet.

Last minute we were able to get two girls (via Instagram) to meet with us in Snohomish and pose in front of our cameras for creative purposes. We just wanted to have fun. Diana is from the Snohomish area, and I've always wanted to explore that part of town more, so it worked perfectly. We met at a park and had so much fun bouncing ideas off of each other and shooting freely. Diana even brought along a reflector, a tool I don't usually use during my shoots at all. Using it during this session though made me realize how I seriously need to consider utilizing it more often! The light was perfect. Our models, Asher and Brittani, were so laid back and easy to work with too.

Diana has quickly become a fellow creative who I support and consider a friend. We definitely want to shoot more together, hopefully, this summer. Here are a few of my favorite captures from our group shoot. Check out Diana's work on Instagram @dianafedorov. 

Senior Session: Galilea by Victoria Lemos

Pretty crazy to believe but I hadn't shot in this location for about 3 years. That's why I was super excited when Galilea reached out to me about taking her senior portraits and asked if I had any recommendations. Usually, my senior clients know what they want but I love it when they don't because I'm able to suggest some of my favorite spots! Ultimately, we decided on the Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens. It was just as beautiful as when I had last visited and lucky for us, the park was completely empty so we had the place all to ourselves. 

This summer has definitely been my busiest yet especially with senior portrait sessions. I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love and I'm excited for what's to come! Hopefully, I'll have time to book some fall portrait sessions because school starts up on Wednesday and the leaves are already changing to make way for an undeniably beautiful color palette this season. 

Check out more images under +Services > Senior Portraits and contact me for your own customizable portrait session! 

Senior Session: Nazish by Victoria Lemos

I am now on Facebook for the first time ever! I just posted my first album, which happens to be my senior session with Nazish! Head over to Facebook, check out my post, and like my page so you can receive photography updates from me and then come back here to read about our session! 

It was a bit of whirlwind. We had planned to shoot through Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle but Nazish and I had to reschedule because her car broke down in the city! It definitely sucked to say the least but I'm actually happy with how things turned out because we ended up shooting in downtown Snohomish and got some pretty amazing shots! It was my first time shooting in Snohomish as well so I was pretty excited for the change in environment. The old town has such a vintage look to it. We had fun walking up and down the streets spotting colorful buildings and pretty boutique windows. 

My absolute favorite part about our session is that Nazish had two of her best friends there with her during the shoot for moral support and it was the cutest thing ever! They definitely made my job easier while both taking the role of "pageant mom" for Nazish when it came to her poses. It was a fun time! 

All of these were shot on my 85mm 1.2 and Canon 6D. Check out more under +Services > Senior Portraits!