College Grad Portraits at UW Seattle / by Victoria Lemos

Last week I had my second college graduate portrait session, and I'm so excited about how it all turned out! Elizabeth reached out to me about shooting at the Seattle campus, and fortunately, we were both available for a Friday during the week of blooming cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossoms at UW Seattle are a must-see during their annual bloom; students, tourists, and Seattleites all show up at the Quad to view and take photos of them. They're absolutely beautiful, and we both thought it'd be great to take a few shots with them. When we met up, we realized how jam packed the Quad was just for the blossoms, so it was a bit tricky shooting portraits in the midst of the crowds, but we did our best. The rest of the shoot made up for it!

Elizabeth even brought along a close friend, which made the experience that much more fun for the three of us. She helped out with the props they both made for the shoot and was there for overall moral support (which is always nice). Campus was so packed that we even had a few encounters with cute dogs - one being a Husky! 

Congrats to Elizabeth on completing your undergraduate degree at UW Seattle!