City Rooftop w/ Rahima / by Victoria Lemos

Wow. This shoot is probably my all-time favorite. Why? Because everything executed itself so smoothly... the shoot went fantastic because of the model, the editing process was quick and fun, and the final images made me so happy and proud because of how wonderful they turned out. 

Rahima and I went to high school together and I actually took both her prom and senior photos. Ever since then I've wanted to shoot with her creatively because I always thought she was gorgeous and so easy to work with in front of the camera. After awhile of us talking about potentially working together again, we finally made it happen this month (3 years later, but oh so worth it) and I could not have been more excited. We quickly bounced some ideas back and forth and decided to shoot in Seattle for a cool edgy styled shoot. The day we chose was set to be overcast but that's exactly what I wanted. One of the most important, yet underrated rules I've learned throughout my experience of being an outdoor/natural light photographer, is that overcast/gloomy weather produces the best lighting for portraits. I can't deny the magic of golden hour lighting of course, but for me, flat/neutral lighting helps contour the face so beautifully and smoothly. 

We shot on a now popular rooftop for my shoots as of late, and Rahima kept giving me pose after pose with pretty much no direction on my end. She was honestly such a natural. 

When I began to edit the images we shot, I was immediately blown away. The editing was just so easy for me because of the color palettes, composition, and lighting. Every component was just spot on.

I sent the photos to Rahima and she was equally in love and so excited. It makes me so happy to create with others and I'm so blessed to have something in life that I am so overwhelmingly passionate about. Suprisingly, Rahima actually doesn't model seriously at all but after this shoot, I encouraged her right away to go for it and she told me she felt inspired! Keep your eyes open, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see this girl on more than a few billboards one day.