Creative Collab. - Jhasmine (@sincerelyjhas) / by Victoria Lemos

Once again shooting in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I can't help it! This will probably always be my favorite part of the city because of the old-time feel, the red brick buildings, and the wide sidewalks. Because I've shot here so much I've really been able to practically memorize where all the perfect frames are, which is super useful for me, convenient, and efficient! I love being able to know the area I'm shooting at and although this will always be my favorite part of the city, I hope to shoot in other parts more often as well because Seattle has so much to offer! 

Jhasmine is a fellow UW student who also produces fashion related content on YouTube at Jhasmine Cadiente. She expressed her love for my portraits (I will never get used to the positive feedback I receive on my work; so thankful) and wanted to work with me to capture candid, fashion portraits in the city. I also filmed some footage for a Lookbook video for her that you can check out down below!

Sidenote: All of this content (images + video) was shot using my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens! I've had so much fun using it to take portraits and it has quickly become my favorite lens to take video with as well. Recently I've been looking into the Canon 50 1.2 vs. Sigma 50 1.4 ART... any thoughts/opinions?