Professional Portraits: Joyce / by Victoria Lemos

One of my favorite locations to shoot at (but least visited) would have to be UW Seattle campus. I attend the Bothell branch campus mainly for the size and commute but I can't deny the fact that the main campus is absolutely gorgeous! Every time I walk through, I'm fascinated by the timeless architecture and the vastness of all the lecture halls and libraries. It's definitely an underrated shooting location for sure. 

Usually, spring/summer time is the best time to shoot in locations such as this one but I was still excited when Joyce contacted me about taking some professional photos of her for her website. She's a professional flutist who lives in San Francisco and she graduated from UW a few years back, so this location was already familiar to her. 

Here are a few of the shots we created. Joyce did so well in that 37-degree winter weather! I have no clue how she was able to keep herself from running indoors. Thanks to her we got some good shots so I guess the cold was worth it!