Photography Collab. - Linh (@thelittlerabbit) / by Victoria Lemos

Awhile back I finally met someone in real life for the very first time. Linh and I had only known each other online. I followed her on Instagram because of her creative eye and we talked a few times through the app trading feedback on each other's work and discussing the possibility of working together sometime.

After a few months (probably closer to half a year) we finally made it happen. I took a bus to Pioneer Square and we spent half a weekday walking through the city, talking about our love for photography, discovering new photoshoot spots, and taking photographs of each other (of course). It was SO. MUCH. FUN. It's the most enjoyable time when you hang out with somebody who has such a strong passion for the same things you do. Linh was such a sweet person altogether; we definitely plan on meeting up again soon. 

I was so happy with the photographs I took of her, she definitely has a versatile look because every cool spot we came across I had to get a shot. This last one was completely unplanned too, we were on the rooftop of her apartment complex, I took in the beautiful views and yelled, "Linh, quick! Can I get a shot of you here?" She was so cool to work with. 

These next shots are the ones Linh took. I was completely blown away when I viewed them for the first time. She made me feel like a model, which is definitely something I'm not used to. Check her out on Instagram @thelittlerabbit!