Picture Lake / by Victoria Lemos

First blogged outing of the summer! Besides my trip to Mexico I haven't really adventured much other than city drives to Seattle but recently Tyler, Nicole, and I took a trip to Picture Lake, which is known for it's picturesque breathtaking view of Mt. Baker. It's located a bit passed Bellingham, so about a 2 hour drive. The best part about this specific destination is that there is no hike required. We literally drove up until we parked alongside the lake and walked a few feet to the boardwalk. 

Because I knew we'd be in for such an amazing view Tyler and I had Nicole dress up for is in order to model for a few portraits. I had brought a pair of retro looking sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and my film camera, which added the perfect touch. Tyler even took a few portraits of myself (I was liking my outfit that day and realized how 70's I looked especially with my film camera around my neck)! 

Ansel Adams inspired? 

Credits to @tylerburch for the posing and prop suggestion! I'm in love with this shot. Looks more editorial to me than anything else. The tones and colors flow so beautifully. 

My turrrrnnn... 

A bit blurry but I really don't mind. Thanks @tylerburch! 

Shorts: AE // Top: UO (LOVE) // Sunglasses: UO // Watch: Casio