Senior Session: Nazish / by Victoria Lemos

I am now on Facebook for the first time ever! I just posted my first album, which happens to be my senior session with Nazish! Head over to Facebook, check out my post, and like my page so you can receive photography updates from me and then come back here to read about our session! 

It was a bit of whirlwind. We had planned to shoot through Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle but Nazish and I had to reschedule because her car broke down in the city! It definitely sucked to say the least but I'm actually happy with how things turned out because we ended up shooting in downtown Snohomish and got some pretty amazing shots! It was my first time shooting in Snohomish as well so I was pretty excited for the change in environment. The old town has such a vintage look to it. We had fun walking up and down the streets spotting colorful buildings and pretty boutique windows. 

My absolute favorite part about our session is that Nazish had two of her best friends there with her during the shoot for moral support and it was the cutest thing ever! They definitely made my job easier while both taking the role of "pageant mom" for Nazish when it came to her poses. It was a fun time! 

All of these were shot on my 85mm 1.2 and Canon 6D. Check out more under +Services > Senior Portraits!