Film Roll: Sayulita, Mexico / by Victoria Lemos

Kodak Gold & Kodak Ektar 

I'm so excited to share the results of the film I shot during our family vacation in Sayulita, Mexico. It was our second time staying in this little beach town filled with bright colored buildings, Mexican culture, warm ocean water, and 90 degree sun. I shot with my Nikon FM10 and it was my first time trying out these two Kodak films. I've heard so many good things and seen so many beautiful summer travel photos taken with Ektar, which is known for high saturation and fine grain clarity.

For this blog post I've decided to create a travel diary by sharing individual photos and including a detailed caption. I thought it'd be kind of fun for both you and I. You being able to follow along on my trip and me being able to look back on this blogpost sometime in the future to be instantly taken back  to what I experienced. Hope you enjoy!

Ino Italian restaurant right in town. We ate three times here during our stay because the food is just so delicious. The "lemonade" is better than any lemonade here in the states: limeade mixed with carbonated water and served with a slice of lime.

Meet Anna. Our first time meeting was here at Ino. She came up to us while we were eating with a little box of toys she was trying to sell to us for pesos. We bought a few before asking her if I could take her photo. We saw Anna almost every single time we went into town to eat, shop, and explore. She'd be walking up and down the sidewalks all by herself, selling to tourists and talking with locals. 

Gamberi salad at Ino restaurant. The most delicious, refreshing shrimp salad I have ever eaten in my entire life. I'd eat this up in about 10 minutes... the shrimp, feta cheese, even the sliced radishes go together so perfectly. 

"¿Puedo tomar una foto de usted para colegio?" While driving into town my dad spotted this old woman seated behind an outdoor foyer just observing people and cars that would pass by. I told him I'd like to take a photo of her... her empty/bored gaze, slumped posture, and overall state of being intrigued us both for some reason. She was a bit hesitant and even questioned what school I actually attended. 

Horses seen on the side of the dirt/unpaved road. These few are used for rides along the beach during sunset. They're treated poorly: enclosed in a small area in 90 degree weather. 

I knew I was taking a chance with the focus on this photograph because I took it from the backseat of the Jeep we rented. We had slowed to a stop and I spotted this young girl sitting on a curb while her older brothers or uncles and grandpa tended to the horses. They saw me with my camera pointed at her and told her to smile for me. 

Taken while standing in the middle of the road. I wanted to capture the greenery, people, and maybe a bit of the old/torn down buildings. 

Coconut chopping. The sidewalks and streets of Sayulita are filled with locals selling and preparing all kinds of fruits. Taken inside of the Jeep so the focus is off unfortunately. 

One of the houses located in the area where we stayed. This one was actually the house we stayed in during our last visit in 2012. The houses are so beautiful... decorated with bright colors. The outdoor patio that each house comes with is my favorite part. They're facing the ocean, which is only maybe 30 feet away and we have the perfect view of the sunset each night. 

Nicole (sister) swimming in the pool. I preferred going down to the ocean since it was so close (you can catch a glimpse of it in the background) but everyone else favored the pool. That donut definitely needs more air but for some reason we just kept it half deflated during the whole trip... 

Beach views. During the day the waves were pretty calm but the sun beating down was sometimes almost too much to handle. Near golden hour was when the waves were most powerful. I enjoyed laying a beach towel out to tan for about 20 minutes, run to the water to cool off, then come back and tan some more. 

So much color. I was anticipating this shot from the moment I loaded Ektar into my camera. I was looking forward to shooting the colorful souvenirs that locals make and sell to tourists. We walked through town during the weekend when the streets were more packed than usual to browse and take in all of the colors. I bought a few things for my friends at this particular table. 

Considered "main street" in Sayulita. These pretty flags hadn't been hung during our first trip so it was a cute surprise to find them here this time around. This road is most popular for taking selfies with friends/family but I wanted to capture the color on its own. 

An example of the architecture all throughout Sayulita... a few floors high and painted colorfully of course. Usually a room or two is completely open with one or two walls missing just to allow more air flow since these houses don't come with AC. 

A small, cozy café spotted while walking down the sidewalk. Again, I wanted to capture all of the pretty colors. A woman appeared from the room next door and began sweeping just before I took the shot, which I appreciated because in my opinion, she adds something more to the scene than if she hadn't been there.

FRUIT! Mini markets are scattered throughout town offering a variety of fruits and vegetables to tourists and mainly locals. I ate so many cucumbers I lost count. Sliced mango and jicama were also an everyday favorite of mine, especially after a few hours enjoying the ocean and tanning on the warm sand.