Website Anniversary, Prom Season, ONA Bags, & Mexico / by Victoria Lemos

My goal is to try and post an entry on my blog at least once a month so for this post I think I'll discuss a few things and also celebrate the first year anniversary of this website! That's pretty cool to think about and reflect upon. My website definitely has grown tremendously and my portfolio is so much more stronger than it was in the beginning. I'm proud of my progress and at the same time, I can't wait for what's to come! 

This month of June has been pretty busy. I booked three prom shoots: one couple session with Vivian and her date (again!) and two group sessions with students from local high schools. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable experience. Unlike my portrait sessions, the prom groups were really laid back and flexible. I loved being able to interact and observe the couples as a group and be able to shoot more candidly. I'm looking forward to next year already! 

After a few years of contemplating whether or not I deserved an ONA Bag I finally caved during their anniversary sale and bought myself the canvas Bowery in the color smoke. It took about two weeks to get here but I received it yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the bag is no joke. I had looked at maybe hundreds of reviews online prior to purchasing the bag and I was really expecting something great; it did not disappoint. The canvas is thick and durable, the strap is sturdy and lays beautifully on my shoulders, the inside of the bag is protected and structured... but... I might return it. The only reason I ever would is because it's a little too small! I thought the Bowery would be perfect for my Canon 6D with a lens attached and then maybe fit another prime lens but it's much too heavy and ridiculously squished inside the bag. I guess I could make it work but if I'm going to own such a top quality camera bag, I really want to make sure it's absolutely perfect for my needs. I'd want this bag not only for my portrait sessions but also to carry around during personal shooting adventures and on trips. 

In a few days I leave for Mexico on family vacation so I was pumped to bring along my Bowery but I'll just go ahead and stick with my LowePro instead. I'd rather not risk ruining the bag and plus, with my prime lens and full frame (as I discussed above), it just doesn't seem practical for me to keep. Maybe later I will invest in a bigger bag that ONA makes. 

Speaking of Mexico, I am so excited because I plan on bringing along my Canon DSLR plus one of my film cameras as well! We're spending a week there so I'll have so much time to walk around the small beach town of Sayulita and take photos of village people, foods, gorgeous sunsets, and unique/cultural architecture. I can't wait to share the results of this trip! Stay tuned...