Spring Break 2016 / by Victoria Lemos

Taking a break from school felt so nice, wow. I found myself with time on my hands so naturally I decided to make a list of photoshoot ideas so that I could improve my skills in portrait photography. With the models I contacted for the purpose of FINAO, I made sure to schedule time in for creative shooting as well. I wasn’t able to pay a visit to downtown Seattle so all of these portraits were taken in and around my local city, which was an accomplishment for me because it proved that photography isn’t about the location, it is more about how great the shot turns out by making the most of what you have right in front of you. 

Lately I’ve been shooting my portraits with my 85mm 1.2 lens but for these shots I reached for my 35mm 1.4. I have nothing against the 35mm but I guess I’ve been too caught up with Pinterest posts that proclaim the rule: portraits should be taken with no less of a focal length than 50mm. Oh well. Many of the photographers I follow on Instagram have sworn by the 35mm and I wanted to see what I could do with a wider angle. Let’s just say I may be reaching for the 35mm more frequently from now on…

Here is a preview of the photos I took that did not make it to my final portfolio but are still considered favorites of mine. Check out more under +Portfolio > Portraits. 

All shot with my Canon 6D + 35mm 1.4.