FINAO / by Victoria Lemos

Social media is a powerful tool. Recently I was contacted by a company who found me by the pure networking magic of Instagram. They reached out, informing me all about their brand and upcoming FINAO App and then asked if I’d like to work with them as a branding photographer. 

FINAO stands for Failure Is Not An Option and although the website right now may look as though it only appeals to athletes, the company is in the process of rebranding in order to reach a wider demographic and audience. No matter what you do (whether that be play sports, study full time, work 50 hours a week, anything you could think of that yields positive results) FINAO is about making goals and staying on track in order to reach them no matter what obstacles while keeping in mind that failure is never an option. Their biggest project right now revolves around the FINAO App that is launching in 37 days. The App will be a socially designed platform created for you and other users to create, track, and share goals that matter to you and will allow you to track others’ goals in order to gain inspiration and motivation. Check out more about the App here and make sure to enter your email address to get notified when they launch! 

Check out their apparel website: and their Instagram page: @finaonation to see more. The concept is amazing and I myself will be keeping up with the company to see what the future has in store. Here is a preview of the images I shot for the brand. Make sure to check out more under +Campaigns > FINAO.