Creative Collab. - Anna Nguyen (@annanguyenslife) / by Victoria Lemos

Another collaboration with a fellow creative that I met on Instagram awhile back and this time I was able to practice my skills at videography! 

Anna and I have shot before for creative purposes and I loved working with her. This time around she contacted me asking if I could help her out on a fashion lookbook video for her YouTube channel. The trade off included creative shots that I could style and the results were everything that I could've asked for and more. She really made my vision come to life with the set of photos I had a particular look in mind for. I loved shooting her lookbook as we hit a few cool spots in Seattle, even one that I had never been to before (parking garage rooftop on 3rd & Stewart). 

Anna herself is an amazing individual. I appreciated our time together not only for the creative purposes but for our talks and reflection on what it means to both of us who have undying passions for artistic mediums. We discussed the joy we both feel when creating but at the same time, the uncertainty that creatives often feel when it comes to future success and accomplishments. Along with this, the importance of not distracting yourself with those around you who try to be just as creative, and unique as well, is something that should always be remembered. Sometimes it can be hard, especially for those trying to create something that has personal meaning and creativity, to not compare with the work and success of others. But in doing this, you lose sight of why you do what you do. It should never be for other people anyway, you should be creating for self-enjoyment and skill. The admiration and positive feedback you receive from others is just a pleasant add-on. 

This is especially hard to keep in mind during a time when most young people are submerged in social media: sharing art with others and measuring personal success on the amount of "likes" and comments we receive. It's not about that in the end. It's really about keeping your passion alive and focusing on self-improvement. Everyone is different and unique. That means that whatever we create has our own individual touch that can never be duplicated no matter how hard someone tries. 

All in all, it was a very splendid time and I appreciated bonding with Anna over something we both have a passion for.

Now onto what we created! The images below are from the set I styled. Check out more under +Portfolio > Portrait to view shots that I took of Anna during our other shooting locations for the lookbook video. Also, check out Anna herself @annanguyenslife on Instagram and scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to view our final video creation on her YouTube channel!