Canon 6D (FULL FRAME FINALLY) / by Victoria Lemos

I am now the proud owner of a FULL FRAME DSLR. Yes, a full frame! No more crop sensor. For awhile I had been doing research on Canon full frames and I narrowed my choice between the Canon 6D and the 5D Mark III. From what I gathered, the Mark III seemed ideal (and well worth the additional $1,000) for sports photographer or those accustomed to shooting in low light. I was leaning towards the 6D even though it does have fewer AF points and a lower megapixel amount, but I concluded that it would be enough for what I love shooting: portraits, still life, and nature/landscape. I already own the Canon 7D Mark II (which is known to be one of the best crop sensor sports/fast action camera) so I know how infrequently I utilized the extremely fast shutter, and the broad range of AF points. 

To me, the 6D just seemed perfect. The body is lighter too which would be a great plus for me especially when lugging it around with a 35mm 1.4 or an 85mm 1.2 attached. 

I’ve been saving up for a new camera body for the longest time and to my complete and utter surprise I received the Canon 6D as a birthday gift from my family for my 21st this past Thursday! I am so thankful and blessed. Here are a few of my test shots! I cannot WAIT to try this camera out on portraits; the full frame sensor is everything to me and I’m already looking forward to saving up for a wide landscape lens... just in time for those summer hikes! 

Canon 6D + 85mm 1.2