Seattle Portrait Shoot / by Victoria Lemos

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with Vivian Vo-Farmer. We finally got back together for a shoot after I had first taken her photos for her high school prom this past school year. Going into this shoot we were both pretty flexible. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to explore my talent with creative portraits while also practicing the full spectrum of shooting in manual mode; something I'm just now getting the hang of. We had a few locations in mind throughout downtown Seattle with a few outfits Vivian had put together prior to meeting. The shoot altogether was an absolute blast! Portraits are what first peaked my interest with photography and the results of this shoot made me so happy and excited for what's to come. Vivian was such an awesome model and I can't wait to shoot with her again. Take a short peak here and make sure to check out more under Portraits and Black and White.