3am Adventure / by Victoria Lemos

Two nights ago my sister and I spontaneously decided to take a mini road trip to Deceptions Pass, WA. At first we had planned on taking a sunrise hike but figured our timing was too last-minute so we decided to drive to Rosario Beach. Our purpose: to finally try out a more artistic photoshoot. My best friend came along too. He picked us up around 3am and we drove an hour away just in time for the rising morning light. It was beautiful. We spent a few hours at the beach, trying to come up with quick poses and portrait ideas while my sister nearly froze her body off, trying to keep up with our constantly changing direction and even changing into a thin white dress for the sake of our visions. 

For this shoot I decided to take these portraits with my 85mm 1.2. This lens is a huge chunk of glass, not something I'm too familiar with using and carrying around. Its quite heavy. I'm happy with the final results: amazing depth of field. My friend took shots using my 18-135mm so he was able to get more of a wide angle. After a few more shoots with this 85mm I'm sure I'll be more confident which will allow for a wider range of dynamic shots. View my favorite shots from this shoot under Projects > Portraits.