12 Hour City Shoot / by Victoria Lemos

Scheduled an entire day for my best friend and I to hit cool spots in Seattle, WA for photography opportunities. I finally was able to shoot for about 12 hours straight. Shot through a range of photography styles but I can't ever stick to just one... I like experimenting. The majority of these images are what I like to call snapshots but I think they still turned out pretty great. You can view full versions of my favorite ones in the Projects tab under Portrait, Nature, Street, and B&W. I've had legit street photography on my mind for a few months now but I think I'll ease my way into that category... A bit daunting even for an extroverted person like myself. Here's to summer days spent in the city, exploring new places with the people you're quite fond of. 

For my all-day shoot in the city I packed my Canon 7D Mark II, 50mm 1.8 lens, and 18-135 kit lens. To my suprise I didn't even touch my fifty. The 18-135 worked great for me for both close up portraits and wide angle shots. All of this besides my camera body, plus my wallet and things fit in my Lowepro Transit Sling perfectly.