Laundromat Chillin' / by Victoria Lemos

Another creative/styled shoot… this time with one of my longtime best friends, Dominique. Dominique was actually one of the first people I forced to model for me, back during my photography class, senior year of high school. Oh, the progression! I should post a throwback to that random behind-Rite Aid-dumpster shoot just to admire the improvement in my photography skills… 

Of course the weather hasn’t let up one bit so instead of practicing more in the garage with studio lighting we came up with something more creative: a vintage/retro/Polaroid looking shoot inside of a local laundromat. It worked perfect! We were both a bit hesitant to walk in, camera in my hand and no laundry in hers… but nobody said a thing. I guess that’s one thing I love about photography: you’re forced to step out of your comfort zone and there are literally no rules. Nothing about this was rebellious in the slightest but it was still fun shooting amongst the weird stares and confused looks. 

For these photos my camera was set to Manual, the ISO pretty high because of the indoor lighting but I like the touch of grain, it adds to the style of photo.

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