Studio Portraits / by Victoria Lemos

A week ago I decided to unpack my studio lighting equipment from storage so I could give it a try and take the time to learn. I’ve had the equipment for awhile, given to me as a gift, but I had minimal experience with it and after trying it out once I decided to put it away until I had the time to learn and experiment. Not only do you have to find a big enough space to set up, but the set up and take down takes quite a bit of time and I knew it’d be a headache to even try during my time in school. So being on break I thought it would be perfect! I set up in an empty garage and had my friend model for me. I’m quite happy with the results. The lights are strobelites but I used them as continuous lighting… I still have a lot to learn, especially with the camera settings. In order to get the right exposure I was forced to bump my ISO all the way up to 3200! GRAIN CITY! Fortunately, I was able to reduce the noise in post processing using Lightroom (the program I use to edit all of my photos) and the images turned out nice! 

Practice makes perfect and I’m excited to continue learning and shooting using my makeshift studio. With the seamless backdrop I used I could even try natural light portraits, if I find the perfect windows and the right amount of sunlight. I figured though, since it is winter, learning the strobelites in the garage would be perfect. 

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