Gloomy Moody Vintage Vibes / by Victoria Lemos

I’ve been on break for the past week or so and with so much free time I knew what I’d have planned… Creative portraits. Portraits have always been my thing and I knew I’d want to take this time to practice more and express some creativity. 

A few days ago I received a message from Miranda, a girl I know who graduated from the same high school as I did. She told me she was up for something fun so I took the offer, rummaged through some of my pinned inspiration photos on Pinterest, looked through my Yelp bookmarked locations, and came up with the perfect shoot idea. Miranda was up for anything so two days later we met at a nearby park. 

The very first shot was captured and my insides immediately bursted with excitement. The look was EVERYTHING I had envisioned and from there we just continued trying different poses, moving to different areas of the park. Before the shoot I stopped by a grocery store to pick up some flowers for a few bucks just to add a bit more to the photos. 

This shoot was done in the middle of December and it had been raining all week. I wanted to take the risk and continue with the planned shoot because I knew overcast skies would be beautiful for the look we were going for. Because of the rain prior to our shoot, the overgrown grass was drowning in muddy water but Miranda still walked through it, rolled up jeans, soaked flats and all. “No no, the shot will be perfect, it’s no problem at all!”  

I’m thankful for people that I work with who are willing to do whatever it takes to help make the vision come to life. Take a peak here and view more full sized images under +Portfolio > Portraits, and under > Black & White.