Gold Magazine / by Victoria Lemos

Earlier this month I was contacted by Lydia Taverne, editor in chief of a local Christian publication: Gold Magazine. She had seen my work via Instagram and asked if I’d like to contribute. I was ecstatic. I took the opportunity and am beyond happy with the ending results! 

I was offered to shoot for the fashion section of the magazine so I worked with two of my past models (sister Nicole & her friend Alyssa). They styled their own outfits, we walked around a nearby city downtown and snapped some beautiful photos. The weather had been horrible during the days leading up to the shoot so I was worried it would downpour but fortunately the rain held itself together and the shoot turned out fantastic! 

Overcast weather is probably my favorite to shoot in besides golden hour. The lighting is flat but diffused in such a pretty way. No harsh sunlight, no distracting shadows, and it’s so flexible to work with, especially when shooting portraits. 

Here are a few of my favorite fashion shots from the shoot. Check out more under +Portfolio > Portraits! Also, check out Gold Magazine! It is such an incredible magazine filled with quality content, beautiful imagery, and a clean, simple layout. There were 25 total contributors to make this December/January issue come together and I’m so grateful to be one of them.