Film Roll: Practice, practice, practice... / by Victoria Lemos

After a week of overwhelming impatience, I finally received my film scans this morning. I got the email from The Darkroom Lab, jumped out of bed and immediately went online to view the images and download. I chose an online lab because to be honest, labs aren't really around anymore and the only places that used to accommodate film processing and developing was either Costco or Walgreens, which both have stopped doing due to the decrease in film use. After a long search online I came across The Darkroom and they provide everything I need at the lowest prices I've seen with great reviews. I receive a CD of my scanned images, the negatives are sent back, and I get an immediate upload of the scans, ready to download, all for $16 (this includes shipping costs). 

I've definitely learned a few things already with this first roll of film. 

  1. Lighting is EVERYTHING. 
  2. Reaching perfect focus (manually) is not as easy as I believed it to be... 
  3. Composition is DEFINITELY the difference between a decent photo and a spectacular one. 

I guess you could say I am revisiting the basics. 

I can't wait to continue this shooting experience. For the most part I will be sharing film photos on my blog, but the ones I am especially proud of will have a place in my Portfolio. 

Minolta SRT 101 + Fujifilm Superia XTRA 400