35mm film. Finally. / by Victoria Lemos

After awhile of hesitation towards trying out film photography purely driven by intimidation, I have finally taken the plunge. Why intimidation? For anyone who knows me knows I can sometimes be a slow learner. I’ve been shooting digital photography for maybe 5 years now and just recently got comfortable shooting in full manual mode (thanks to a friend who had the patience to teach me in a way that I could actually follow). But film has always intrigued me. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe because of the fact that when shooting film, you are using a machine made and used way before now, in a time where everyone who is considered professional is shooting with the most expensive, the highest quality DSLR cameras. “The better the gear, the better the photos” is an idea I would like to witness being proven wrong. “It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” - Eve Arnold 

For me, the use of a film camera is an experience… and I’m ready to see where that experience takes me. Here’s to relearning everything I know in a slowed down, authentic, more grainy fashion… and to hoping those 24 shots turn out semi-decent. 

Links worth noting that could be of use for anyone looking to join this experience as well:

  • CuratingCuteness - I’ve been obsessed with this blog for a good 2 weeks now and Katie, the girl who runs the blog, definitely gave me that final push and wave of confidence to finally select and purchase my first film camera. She knows her stuff. 
  • 20thCenturyCamera - Shop on Etsy where I bought my Minolta SRT 101. Great customer service, extremely fast shipping, and the seller, Steve, knows his stuff as well. 
  • Long Live Film - Short documentary on why shoot film. This video had me feeling all types of ways about photography and it is the reason for my overflowing excitement. For photographers and non photographers alike, it’s always a cool thing to watch all different types of people light up when talking about something that makes them over-the-moon, genuinely happy.