Weekend Adventures / by Victoria Lemos

I really appreciate the blessing I have to be able to attend school while still making time to do what I love. Last year I probably only brought out the camera during holidays and special occasions but this year I'm really trying to make it a priority to shoot at least once a week. It's never a chore, always my favorite time. It's what I spend all week looking forward to. 

This weekend I first spent my Friday morning finally visiting Discovery Park, a place I've been eyeing for a good 5 months because of its pretty landscape right by the ocean and mysteriously looking lighthouse. My friend and I made it to the park area but decided to save the lighthouse for later.

My sister Nicole came home for the weekend as well. She dorms at college so I'm never able to use her as my top choice model anymore... Sad. But this visit she brought home a friend so that got me PUMPED. We spent about 45 minutes in the backyard and then scouted a nearby park that I had only been to once. The results I am very proud of. They scream Autumn: warm, leafy, and cozy. Take a quick peak here or view the rest under Portraits+ > Portraits or Black & White.