Crop Sensor or Full Frame? / by Victoria Lemos

The question I've been dealing with a LOT lately when it comes to whether or not I should upgrade my current camera body.

When I started out with photography I didn't even know what the terms 'crop sensor' and 'full frame' referred to. I thought DSLR cameras were the same when it came to internal mechanics. Turns out, the sensor has a lot to do with how your frames turn out especially in relation to the focal length of the lens you have attached to your camera body. See, crop sensors literally crop the image while multiplying the focal length of the lens you are shooting with, whereas full frames keep a larger format to the image while keeping accurate focal length. For example, shooting a 50mm on a crop sensor camera will yield an image with a focal length closer to 80. 

So what's the problem? The problem is, money is invested in higher lenses that aren't even being used to their full and accurate potential. I currently have an 85mm 1.2 and a 35mm 1.4 patiently waiting to be used but I am hesitant because of the crop sensor I would be attaching these lenses to and how inaccurate my photos will end up turning out. 

Am I overthinking this? Give me your opinion. Recently I've looked into maybe purchasing the Canon 6D, full frame. I currently am using the Canon 7D Mark II, crop sensor. Should I save and invest in a full frame or just start calculating in the crop sensor factor whenever I am in the market for a new lens... Comment below.